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Live with the Moon | Order Digital Moon Planner ✨

Live with the Moon | Order Digital Moon Planner ✨

Live with the Moon | Order Digital Moon Planner ✨



Geminis are the chameleons of the zodiac. This is the sign of the twins, and it is often said that they can see both sides of the story. Geminis adapt easily to new situations and personalities. Being an air sign, they have a gift for communication and are intellectually curious. Their dual nature can sometimes make them unpredictable, and they can change their mind with the wind. Use the energy of this enthusiastic and charming sign to embrace life’s inevitable changes.

Supporting Crystals

The stones associated with Gemini stimulate change, adaptability, communication and fun. When things don’t go according to plan, this stone set will give you reassurance. Geminis are fun-loving and curious, with an easy-going nature that connects quickly with those around them.

Intention candle

Gemini is a mutable air sign ruled by Mercury that focuses on personal interaction and relationships. Focus your intentions on things that require flexibility, transformation or open-mindedness. Try to understand situations from all different angles.

Mind and body Soap


100% natural cold pressed Gemini soap made with essential oils. The fun-loving experience of [appropriate flower] stimulates your senses to connect with the flexible qualities of the social Gemini. The soap is 100% vegan and contains essential oils to support physical and psychological imbalance. It also imparts a wonderful fragrance experience to help combat stress and create a harmonising effect.

Manifesting with
Gemini energy

Gemini’s energy can inspire you to integrate different views of the world into you daily life. The energy from these twins can help you to prepare for transformation without fear. Gemini’s dual nature encourages you to expand your mind and be flexible. This does not mean being insincere, but rather that you are open to different things around you. Seeing the world from a fresh perspective will bring countless opportunities.


Playfully flexible

Gemini’s boundless energy will bring a positive influence in your life. Each item in the Gemini Essentials Bundle is inspired by the unique characteristics of the sign. Manifest with the energy and vitality to reach a deeper level.


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