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Live with the Moon | Order Digital Moon Planner ✨

Live with the Moon | Order Digital Moon Planner ✨

Live with the Moon | Order Digital Moon Planner ✨


Perfectionism and mindfulness

Earth sign Virgo brings a thirst for knowledge and attention to detail. Communicative Virgos love to talk but they also yearn to understand the finer details. A sense of community is important to a Virgo, and they are never happier than when they are being useful. They are rarely motivated by self-interest which can be seen in the consideration and care they show to those around them.

Supporting Crystals

The stones associated with Virgo stimulate intellect, support, stability and logic. The stone set will support you to focus on the detail. Virgo is communicative and intellectual and a perfectionist by nature.

Intention candle

Virgo is a mutable earth sign that supports action and enthusiasm. Focus your intentions on the practical to understand how to achieve your goals. Enjoy being busy and seize the day; it will be worth the effort.

Mind and body Soap


100% natural cold pressed Virgo soap made with essential oils. The supportive experience of [appropriate flower] stimulates your senses to connect with the practical qualities of the perfectionist Virgo. The soap is 100% vegan and contains essential oils to support physical and psychological imbalance. It also imparts a wonderful fragrance experience to help combat stress and create a harmonising effect.

Manifesting with
Virgo energy

Unlock Virgo’s productive energy to get things done and fix the things around you that need fixing. If you need to check something off your to do list, Virgo’s nurturing energy will support you. Setting goals? Go for it, with Virgo’s sense of purpose and achievement. And don’t worry that you will get lost in the big picture, manifest Virgo’s energy to pay attention to the details with an analytical and practical focus.


Purposeful energy

Give attention to more of Virgo’s hardworking energy in your life. Each item in the Virgo Essentials Bundle is inspired by the unique characteristics of the sign. Manifest with the energy and vitality to reach a deeper level.


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