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Live with the Moon | Order Digital Moon Planner ✨

Live with the Moon | Order Digital Moon Planner ✨

Live with the Moon | Order Digital Moon Planner ✨


connected to spirituality

Pisces is a water sign symbolised by two fishes swimming in the opposite direction. This is how they can effortlessly divide their attention between fantasy and reality. Pisces seek to find peace and harmony in their inner lives. Deeply sensitive, they feel their own emotions intensely. They are empathetic to other people’s feelings and their connection to the spiritual realm guides them as they dream their way through life.

Supporting Crystals

The stones associated with Pisces stimulate imagination, spirituality and compassion. It is the stone set to balance your spiritual side with your down to earth nature. Pisces is reflective, dreamy and highly skilled at navigating life’s emotional undercurrents.

Intention candle

Pisces is a mutable water sign that supports imagination and daydreams. Focus your intentions on things that require spirituality, observation or matters of the heart. Focus can be hard for Pisces.

Mind and body Soap


100% natural cold pressed soap made with essential oils. The dreamlike experience of [appropriate flower] stimulates your senses to connect with the otherworldly qualities of the intuitive Pisces. The soap is 100% vegan and contains essential oils to support physical and psychological imbalance. It also imparts a wonderful fragrance experience to help combat stress and create a harmonising effect.

Manifesting with
Pisces energy

Tap into your inner feelings and intuitions using Pisces’ energy. This energy will manifest your spiritual side to counterbalance the daily reality of the ordinary world we live in. Pisces’ energy will also provide comfort and help you to feel at home in your own skin and the environment around you.


Like an ocean flowing

Focus on the emotional intelligence brought by Pisces energy. Each item in the Picses Essentials Bundle is inspired by the unique characteristics of the sign. Manifest with the energy and vitality to reach a deeper level.


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