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Live with the Moon | Order Digital Moon Planner ✨

Live with the Moon | Order Digital Moon Planner ✨

Live with the Moon | Order Digital Moon Planner ✨


Perseverance always wins

If you are looking for solid guidance, this earth sign will show you the way. Capricorns are known for their workaholic approach to life. They are masters of discipline and helpful to a fault. A Capricorn is naturally at home supporting the community around them, and they use their highly developed moral compass to lead others.

Supporting Crystals

The stones associated with Capricorn stimulate self-sufficiency, pragmatism, empathy and discipline. It is the stone set for structure and ambition combined with an open heart. Capricorn is reliable and friendly and has a firm hand on the tiller of life.

Intention candle

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign that supports focus and helpfulness. Centre your intentions on things that require action, community spirit or a strong ethical purpose. Do good for people around you and allow others to share your sense of purpose.

Mind and body Soap


100% natural cold pressed soap made with essential oils. The purposeful experience of [appropriate flower] stimulates your senses to connect with the pragmatic qualities of the ambitious Capricorn. The soap is 100% vegan and contains essential oils to support physical and psychological imbalance. It also imparts a wonderful fragrance experience to help combat stress and create a harmonising effect.

Manifesting with
Capricorn energy

When you need mental clarity, manifest with the practical energy of Capricorn. This most pragmatic of zodiac signs will encourage you to build a solid foundation to make sure your plans succeed. Take inspiration from their strong work ethic to see your dreams come to fruition. There is no shortage of energy from this steady earth sign, so set bold goals because Capricorn has your back.


A wonderful sense of purpose

There’s plenty of energy to go around with Capricorn. Each item in the Capricorn Essentials Bundle is inspired by the unique characteristics of the sign. Manifest with the energy and vitality to reach a deeper level.


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