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Live with the Moon | Order Digital Moon Planner ✨

Live with the Moon | Order Digital Moon Planner ✨

Live with the Moon | Order Digital Moon Planner ✨


innovative thinker

Air sign Aquarius breathes their idealist spirit into all around them. Their creativity and originality are clear to see, and they love to share their ideas with the world. The humanitarians of the zodiac, they fight for causes they believe in. Aquarians are fascinated by anything relating to the future and are often seen as visionaries. Their deep connection to water inspires a strong bond to nature and the environment.

Supporting Crystals

The stones associated with Aquarius stimulate originality, authenticity, optimism and imagination. This stone set takes you on the road less trodden. Aquarius is spontaneous and independent, driven by the bigger picture.

Intention candle

Aquarius is a fixed air sign that supports free thinking and independence. Intentions can be things that require vision, originality or empathy. The time is right to be unconventional and build the world you believe in.

Mind and body Soap


100% natural cold pressed Aquarius soap made with essential oils. The authentic experience of [appropriate flower] stimulates your senses to connect with the progressive qualities of the free-spirited Aquarius. The soap is 100% vegan and contains essential oils to support physical and psychological imbalance. It also imparts a wonderful fragrance experience to help combat stress and create a harmonising effect.

Manifesting with
Aquarius energy

You want to elevate your feelings and be guided by global interests. Manifest Aquarius’ energy to stimulate your inventive side. With no barrier to your thoughts, the cosmic sky is the limit. Like all air signs, Aquarians loves to broaden their horizons and gravitate towards new and interesting people, places and things. Cerebral and quirky, they are not afraid of their own opinions or making mistakes.


Dreaming of the future

Listen to the originality brought by Aquarius energy. Each item in the Aquarius zodiac kit is inspired by the unique characteristics of the sign. Manifest with the energy and vitality to reach a deeper level.


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