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Live with the Moon | Order Moon Planner 2023 ✨

Live with the Moon | Order Moon Planner 2023 ✨

Live with the Moon | Order Moon Planner 2023 ✨

A Brief Introduction to Expansion Mindset

Many reasons hold people back from going after their dreams, taking risks, challenging themselves, etc. Fear, however, is the number one reason. It lies in the background of why most people generally perform lower in life than their true potential.

At the front, there are many excuses, limitations, and obstacles, but at the root of them is fear. People have different ways of dealing with this fear. They tend to avoid it, give in to it, and continue living in their comfort zone.

Their fear is not unfounded, though. According to Dr. Geoffrey West, we live in an exponentially expanding socioeconomic urbanized world.

This transformation is so rapid that it makes one feel insecure. These changing times require a completely new level of thinking. Sitting back and being passive will not let us grow and flourish anymore. What we need is to keep up.

Here comes the concept of expansion mindset.

What is Expansion Mindset?

It is the new level of thinking humanity needs for this ever-changing world. Expansion mindset works to transform your inherent negative outlook into a more realistic, optimistic attitude. The goal is to heal your mindset from unnecessary stresses and prepare you for a fearless and dynamic journey of achieving your goals.

Here are the aspects that are covered by EM (expansion mindset):

  • It helps you become comfortable with the inevitability of uncertainty and embracing the wisdom in it.
  • It aims for proactive emotional self-control and emotional self-awareness.
  • It takes your focus away from threats of survival and redirects it to happiness and positivity.
  • It imbues your mind with a desire to learn new things and embrace challenges.
  • It emphasizes the need of putting conscious effort into realizing your dreams.
  • It involves conscious processing where you categorize incoming information into two boxes: Relevant and irrelevant
  • It highlights the importance of constructive criticism.

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