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Order safely and quickly  |  Live with the Moon ☾ |  EU Shipping

Order safely and quickly  |  Live with the Moon ☾ |  EU Shipping

Order safely and quickly  |  EU Shipping

Plan your daily life

Live a moontastic, authentic and fulfilling life
with Moon Planner

Live with
the moon

Congratulations, you’ve discovered this Moon Planner! Is it a book? A planner? A diary? It’s all three in one, actually. From now on, you’ll not only know the Moon’s exact position every day, but you can also plan your life according to its cycles. Also, it will help you achieve your day-by-day and long-term goals.

Your secret
source of joy!

Enjoy your secret source of joy! We will help you to make sense of the constellations that make up our galaxy, how the phases of the Moon fit in, and how this knowledge can help you make practical decisions day-by-day.

We packed the Moon Planner with lots of extras, like tips for home, garden care, and gemstones that everyone should know!


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Harness the power of the Moon to achieve your dreams on your tablet or computer!

Syncable across all Apple devices and most Android devices.


  • Add more pages
  • Import photos directly from your photo gallery
  • BONUS! 12 Zodiac colour palette sheets
  • So much more!
Really cool!
Martine | The Hague, The Netherlands | 23 september 2020
Really cool book with a lovely surprise! Loved the packaging! You can find a lot of information to make more use of your personal qualities and unique character traits. I am amazed about how much of it is right! The puzzle pieces certainly fall into place. Also easy to read with great tips. It helps me to be more aware of my days ... 😉
  • Nice to use
  • Good quality
  • Beautiful design
  •  Jealous friends
Beautiful product
Wendy | Utrecht, The Netherlands | Tester
This book is a nice guide and 'workbook' for making use of the energy of the Moon. It is easy to read and has given me a clear explanation about how the Moon works. You will be encouraged to carry out actions and 'assignments' at times with the right moon energy, in addition to a wonderful agenda for all my 'to do's'.
  • Very practical
  • Inspiring ✨
  • A lovely gift!
Great planner
Yasmine | Bordeaux, France | Tester
In this hectic world, this planner encouraged me to take time to really connect with who I am. It helps me to have a harmonious life by working with the energy of the lunar cycle. It clearly describes the different phases of the Moon, provides insights and tips. It is written nicely and understandable. For me it was a quick path to more awareness and balance.
  • Accessible
  • Easy to use
  • Inspirational
Jenna | London | Tester
An inspirational, fun, creative and meaningful book. Easy to read and the tips are easy to apply in my daily life. If you want to work with the moon for the first time, I would recommend this book. Also I bought one for my daughter, who is totally in love with it!
  • Easy to use
  • Good quality
  • Lovely to give as a gift
Beautiful, practical
and easy to use
Jenna | Den Haag | 23 september 2020
A great gift!
Ricardo | The Netherlands | Tester
The moon planner is beautiful! Especially because I learned a lot about the Moon and astrology. I take the book with me everywhere. Definitely a lovely gift to give! 👍
  • Surprising
  • Good quality
  • Easy to use
  • Strong