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Order safely and quickly  |  Live with the Moon ☾ |  EU Shipping

Order safely and quickly  |  Live with the Moon ☾ |  EU Shipping

Order safely and quickly  |  EU Shipping

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Welcome to the Moon Planner! For centuries, the Moon has had a spiritual effect on us. At Moon Planner, we want to inspire and guide you through your magical journey to live in harmony with the Moon. We offer resources and insights to help you find your own cosmic connection to the Moon's energy. Harness the power of each lunar phase to find a profound connection to yourself and experience a creative, authentic and fulfilling life.

Guided by
the Moon

Be inspired by the moon’s energy and balance your life guided by her natural phases. There is plenty of time for action and reflection when attaining your goals. Aligning your goals with the Moon’s cycle can boost your productivity, regain your balance and lead to deeper personal insights. Discover the powerful effect of lunar cycles and astrology.

Heavenly rituals

The Moon Planner helps you to follow each Moon phase and keep on track with every New and Full Moon ritual. You can also see the constellation where the Moon is positioned at that time. These astrological insights will help you to perform Moon rituals based on the cosmic energy and devote attention to all aspects of your life.


New and  improved - 2022!

Harness the power of the Moon to achieve your dreams on your tablet or computer!


  • Be up to date with the daily moon phases
  • Daily zodiac signs
  • Discover more about the Moon and the Moon phases
  • So much more!

Get inspired & find your way

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Unlock astrological

The celestial sky is divided into twelve signs of the zodiac. Each sign has distinct characteristics, and they can each empower your life as they move around the Earth. Here’s how you can take advantage of the potent energy flow, sign by sign.

  1. Love it!

    Shanice Tan

    This planner is perfect to keep track of the moon cycleand how you can use the moon energy for yourself. When I am feeling down, I will look at on which part of the cycle the moon is, I write it down and now I know in which cycles I have to take things slower. I love the planner!

    • Good quality
    • Beautiful design
    • Nice gift
    • Great planner


      In this hectic world, this planner encouraged me to take time to really connect with who I am. It helps me to have a harmonious life by working with the energy of the lunar cycle. It clearly describes the different phases of the Moon, provides insights and tips. It is written nicely and understandable. For me it was a quick path to more awareness and balance.

      • Accessible
      • Easy to use
      • Inspirational
      • Beautiful product


        This book is a nice guide and ‘workbook’ for making use of the energy of the Moon. It is easy to read and has given me a clear explanation about how the Moon works. You will be encouraged to carry out actions and ‘assignments’ at times with the right moon energy, in addition to a wonderful agenda for all my ‘to do’s’.

        • Very practical
        • Inspiring ✨
        • A lovely gift!
        • Really cool!


          Really cool book with a lovely surprise! Loved the packaging! You can find a lot of information to make more use of your personal qualities and unique character traits. I am amazed about how much of it is right! The puzzle pieces certainly fall into place. Also easy to read with great tips. It helps me to be more aware of my days … 😉

          • Nice to use
          • Good quality
          • Beautiful design
          • Jealous friends